Cabinet of Curiosities

We walked in to Clifton’s Cafeteria in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, and were suddenly transported back in time.
Although the visit was not a first for me, something about the music and the succulent lighting on the second floor made it seem as though it was. Live sounds of piano filled the room and stung my heart. Dim, red lighting created an unasked for feeling of romance from times of my past. The leather seating along the walls is where I chose to sit and take it all in and be present in the moment. As my photographer roamed around the waves of this unique ambiance, I sat, not by choice, but by necessity. The 1920’s piano melody and the romantic decor were enough of a combination to bring tears to my eyes and clouds to my judgment. Because this was a very personal and emotional moment for me, I chose to focus on the things that made my buried emotions rise. It never ceases to amaze me how music and lights together have the power to completely alter someone’s emotional state. Extremely loud music and a chaotic stream of lights set the mood at a nightclub, or a music festival. Soft music and dim lighting can create an array of feelings for loners, lovers, or even a meditation class. It’s truly amazing if you think about it. It’s amazing and horrible all at once.

  • Clifton’s Cafeteria
  • Millennium Biltmore Hotel
  • Ace Hotel



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