Be rational. Think logically.
As you get older, you must think less with the heart & more with the mind.

My question is: why must we have to pick one or the other?
Why can’t we use both?
After all, isn’t the goal of life all about balance?
Balance in every possible aspect….
Diet, so you won’t be unhealthy and overweight.
Time with family, friends, and a partner. All given a piece of your attention.
Yoga…both legs and arms to be equally as strong in helping one another.
Even when riding a bike…balance or you’ll definitely eat shit.

Today, I feel discouraged. A lot of what my father told me today I’ve heard before. By one other uniquely minded individual.
They say I think too much with my heart.
And that that mindset will interfere with my survival skills when the time comes.
As I hear this today for the second time, I feel sad.
Not for myself, but for the world.
For my interpretation of the conversation was that as people grow up and try to adult,
They feel forced to lose most of their compassion, sensitivity, and sympathy.
Yes, it’s not always about leading with the heart. That can cause major problems.
But logic isn’t entirely good either. It has the power to lead you to a life filled with black & white, all logic, & colorless.

I refuse to live a life that looks like a 1940’s television screen.

  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Ace Hotel
  • Villian’s Tavern
  • Little Bear
  • Daily Dose Cafe
  • The Little Easy





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