-Ones too many and a millions not enough-

Not sure if this is applicable to everything, but one things for sure:
Give me one cookie, and I feel guilt running through my entire body.
As I continue cookie after cookie, I’m never satisfied….just that much closer to diabetes.

When it comes to relationships, when do people reach the point of one person being enough and a million people being a draining task?
For me, it was that old familiar feeling.

It is true what they say. You can’t help but make comparisons to anyone who comes after your first love.
I always thought that it would be a tough spot to fill.
But tonight, I’ve thought otherwise. No one would be filling his spot, just as no one would ever fill mine.
A first love is that exactly… is an entity that stands all on its own, no longer with a heartbeat, but a beautiful memory.
No one can ever replace that spot. But someone new can enter your life and create their own spot in your heart.
And memories of the past will at times linger. And it’s okay.
It was a beautiful time in my life, a time I will never forget.
And now, it is time for something new to flourish. I can feel it….that old familiar feeling.

The advice I have been given is to embrace change and ride with it.
Change is what has led me to a better me, more willing for the new and less judgmental of the different.
Despite the good, fear is very much present in this area of my life.
In fact, it is front and center, bold and underlined, highlighted in bright yellow.
But if I keep feeding the fear with constant overthinking surrounded by a giant brick wall,
I could lose out on something great. Wonderful even.

As this can be true in other aspects of life, I encourage courage.
For courage is the ability to leave something comfortable and start something completely new.

[p.s. – decided not to accompany this post with a photo shoot. I preferred to focus more on my words and this beauty below of which I found on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles]

  • Downtown Los Angeles




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