Us and Them

{as we run around in the month of October getting a rush from things pretending to harm us, a real threat runs a muck in the land of the free}

The demise. The divide. The demonized.
Only by holding hands with them will I get to feel the disgust and the fear.
Only by standing side by side with them will I get to see the judgmental glances deserved by no one.
I can never exactly feel what they feel because of the shade that I wear.
I am Latin, but a very light shade.
Judgments made towards me only go so far, for, according to society, my shade is not a threat.
I think of my best friend, her brothers, and the one I love.
So intelligent, so energetic, so innocent, so full of life.
A grey cloud is always hovered over them, following them in education, in the work force, and on the bus.
But lately, toxic rain falls from those clouds, and more often than not, lightning strikes.
I will never forget the sadness behind their voice when asked about the future.

  • Commerce, CA
  • Hollywood, CA



All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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