Connecting Dots

To understand the core of the world and all those that occupy it, one must immerse themselves in the different and embrace to understand.

Although most of this trip was spent in Chicago, my brief visit to Gary, Indiana helped a few scattered dots connect.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life. The lights, the parties, the drugs, the thirst for fame have all been relatively irrelevant. Yes, I have participated in my share of the party scene, but have also been able to leave it once I realized I was getting off track.

Someone close to me is from Gary, a city that at first glance looks abandoned. It carries a sort of somber tone in the air, accompanied by silent cries of desperation to get out. One of the many dots connected, I suddenly understood.

You are the way you are because of your upbringing, your surroundings, and the direction you chose to go in spite of it all. The reality is, one could easily drift and become stale in the lifestyle that a lot of Los Angeles lives in. (Mostly non-natives to the city). And without knowing how or when, your shelves have become home to the incredibly amazing goals you once had. My only wish to the amazingly talented, amazingly creative, is to not let it go to waste. You left a wasteland to give life to what sets your soul on fire. Let it burn, let it rise, and let go of whatever is holding you back.

  • Chicago, Illinois



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