Bienvenidos a Miami

In comparison to most of my trips, there was no soul searching here. In fact, I let myself go completely with the best of liquid courage, allowing my best friend and I to forget and forgive those who have wounded us. Her and I talked, laughed, roamed, relaxed, drank, and laughed some more. The only thing that triggered us was an Uber driver who was obscenely racist and perverted. Being that the ride was about half an hour, I will only mention one of this White mans indecent comments. ‘The Cubans here are incredibly rude and incredibly racist. They have taken over with their money and think they are so much better than everyone else. They can’t even speak proper English. I can’t stand them and they ought to leave’. My response – ‘That seems fair. Sounds similar to the situation back in LA. Except our Cubans are White and your Whites are us Latins’. Mind you, I said this in my head, on account that I absolutely hate verbal altercations. I later regretted not speaking up and have wondered what his reaction or response would have been. But forget him and his negative, racist remarks we had to endure the entire ride back to our place in South Beach. Instead, I shall leave you all with a few spots in Miami we really enjoyed.

  • Miami, Florida
    • Bodega Taqueria – at first glance, it’s just a small taco place. But pass the taco truck and behind a door you’ll find a really REALLY fun bar with great music. At least the night we went.
    • Lokal – pretty sure the best burger i’ve ever had. and cool cassette decor.
    • Wynwood Street Art – wander the streets of Wynwood, finding art on walls, the pavement, and so on.
    • Vizcaya – beautiful museum.
    • Millionaire Boat Tour – fun boat tour of celebrity mansions – one free drink included.
    • Brick – fun bar with games.
    • Moreno’s Cuba – good food, good drinks, good vibes.
    • Olla – mexican restaurant that has a good brunch for a decent price. #mimosas
    • El Patio – this place is really pretty, fun, but the crowd can seem a bit pretentious. just ignore them.

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