Oaxaca, Mexico. Known for it’s ability to bring joy and disgust to my taste buds all at once. The rumors are true: the 80 million flavors of mole are mouth watering, the mezcal is disturbingly strong, the Oaxaceños are incredibly accommodating, and the grasshoppers are a delicacy I could barely stand to see. It is safe to say that my first trip to Mexico without my family had its moments of , “My mom would definitely not approve of this”, and “Maybe this is a bad idea”, yet was still a success. Would I recommend this beautiful state in Mexico? Definitely. Would I do it differently? Also, yes. The regret of not making the 8 hour trip from downtown Oaxaca to Oaxaca’s beautiful beaches is very much present. Enjoy.

  • Boulenc – the coolest indoor/outdoor space with hot chocolate & bread
  • Catedral – cute space with hot chocolate, bread, fruit, pancakes, everything!
  • Los Danzantes – sexy, dark vibe with really good dessert and drinks
  • Mezquite – relaxing rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view, drinks and burgers!!


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All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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