9 To 5

I don’t want to waste time by making money.

A statement has never been more true in my life than when I stumbled upon this one. The motions of everyday existence have officially created havoc in my mind. Assimilating to a profit driven culture has temporarily clotted my creative outlets. Without releasing that energy inside of me, I am everything but alive. The controlled normalcy of life is obscene, yet curable to those who seek to live and not just to exist. Although I am far from living a life I love, the journey is gifting me with the ingredients necessary to create it. After reading an article about reasons most seasoned couples find a decrease in their sex life activity, I understood. Living a life you love and sex is about two things: passion and loss of control. There is desire and drive in passion and vulnerability and authenticity when control is set aside. Once we stop striving to control every aspect of our lives, our stress levels can potentially diminish, allowing space in and around us to be filled with the purest of energy. In my case, my creative outlet would be open for business, and the energy that would engulf my surroundings would no longer leave a bitter taste in the mouths of others as well as my own. I refuse to bow down to a robotic culture that reproduces a silent shade of misery in the land of the free.

  • Casa Corona

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