This Love

While dealing with the majority, I found the exception. The exception that is wanted more than ‘America’s Most Wanted’. The exception that lives in what seem to be unreachable love stories intended for the reality of reality TV shows. The exception that seems so unlikely, until it happens to you.

The disbelief that this could happen twice in one life time is now a thought of the past, for every love is different than the last. Immaturity and inexperience were never going to sustain a love, despite the high percentage of authenticity. The misconception of potential disguised as love had anchored me to stay in situations longer than necessary. This love, this love stands all on its own.

Past pain, sinful suffering, and unfathomable mistrust with the male species have all prepared me for this love. I feared that resented pain would inhibit my ability to open my heart once more. Yet, somehow, I find myself in a recognizable position of vulnerability, giving proof of the gamble we continuously bet on just to find love.

This love – a love that isn’t hard to love. A love I wholeheartedly will strive to protect, for it took oceans of agony to reach. A love I only recognized in my most beloved dreams; where I loved, and so did they.

To feel the most myself when I’m with him – that is my love. To admire the current representation and not the potential – that is my love. To be receptive to the pain that could come from how in love I am – that is my love. To be 100% proud of being Latina, while sitting in a truck with an American Flag sticker and Country music blasting from each speaker and not care – this is my love.

  • Everywhere.


[a preview to an unfinished project]

-Song : “Contigo” by Los Tres Reyes



All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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