Contigo Sin Ti

Dry are the tips of palm tree leaves
In and out they curl, unable to find the current that leads to you
Darkness falls and weeps with sorrow
Drops of honey and lime to soothe the blackness forced upon my sky
The gust makes shadows dance
A mere reminder of the calm that lives inside of you
Dreary are the stars that hold me
Dimming with each passing second of unrequited longing
The wind blows differently now that you’re gone
Not nearly scratching my cheeks, but cold enough to feel your absence
Moments of sacrifice moistened atop the concrete
Reflections of missing puzzle pieces ascend floods deemed to doom
A tranquil falling fails to soothe uneasiness
Reaching towards the intangible that only drains my eyes
If thoughts could touch they would
Bolting that I am with you, without you


-My Home

-The Arboretum [Arcadia, CA]

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All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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