Unprotected Peace

Tested and tried true is the common act of getting lost to find the truth within ourselves. Where our attention is grabbed in the midst of distraction. Where the uniqueness says you are here, and not just anywhere. Where the architectural genius displays of admiration make way to the core of what is deemed to be of great importance. Some places have squares, achieving stillness in small waves of disarray. A place to rest and admire the moment of the present, and nothing more. Some places have novel alley ways with tempting curves, adorned with cobble stones and face to face balconiesIt is not simply the aroma of rising dough that lures us to places far from home, nor is it the myriad of bridges that were built for both efficiency and beauty. Coincidentally, these worlds of mystery were built with order and purpose; two things curious minds tend to discover in the midst of their journey. Paris is adorned with exquisite churches and art based museums that seem to go on for miles. Barcelona is largely enriched by the hands of Antoni Gaudí in grand statements of religion and art. Both cities built buildings with restriction in height and width, allowing for order and beauty. On the other hand, New York, pre-9/11, had its 2 highest towers dedicated to money, power, and more money.

There is disappointment in a world that aims to rob us from the simplicity’s of life. There is longing for a world where walking is the main source of transportation, where the details of buildings make us gasp in our course, or where we sit at our local cafe and enjoy the rising sun with a hot cup of coffee in hand and a warm slice of freshly baked bread in the other. Our peace is left unprotected when we our surrounded by chaos and no where to go.

How To Make An Attractive City

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  1. Mad

    “Tested and tried true is the common act of getting lost to find truth within ourselves.” This opening line blew me away. It captured so much within the brief seconds that it entered my mind. I reread this about five times, I then had to sit down open my laptop to read this blog post in its entirety because I wanted to discover a bit of myself as I was memorized by these truths and experiences of yours. Brilliant writing stems from a brilliant mind.

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