It was the test of depth that led to blurred failures we blamed on inheritances. In the attempt of creating an epic ending, realities of abandonment came to be discovered instead. Eeriness was subdued deep underground, appearing in shreds of quiet panic. Shadows lined up in shapes of black and white, disillusioned on the outcome of their love. Truths were clipped on rags and stones of skin-tethered scars, only to abdicate all traces leading to each other. A surrender this is not, for surrender invites an unlocked door, swollen from holding its breath. A period of sentimental effusion turned violent in the craters of minds once challenged by the devotion for change. Tear-infused smiles is the new norm in a world where distance carries more than just stolen time. In being far, we are also far from ourselves – forced to face the ugly our impatience had brought us. To be alone in the loneliness is to smooth the wrinkles with forgiveness.

  • Boyle Heights, CA

All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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