They ask if I’m ‘okay’
As if ‘okay’ was ever anything more
than a cover-up

Why the ‘sad girl’ face?
I thought I was hiding it so well…

A reflection who couldn’t meet her own eyes.
That was me.
I said I didn’t know;
that I hadn’t realized my face matched my insides.

For the sake of others I sunk more

into myself and away from humanity
Found the will to apologize
for something
I wasn’t trying to get rid of.

Heavy clouds became shadows
to a feeling I welcomed.
Looking up had me facing
the façade.

So I stayed down.
Let the clouds shield me from myself.

It sat with me – and I with it.
It was my escort in public reign
A passive ally in incomplete isolation

The way out was greater than this

version of me
Where it isn’t confused
for negativity –
Where it isn’t allowed
to stay –
Where it becomes

a bridge, a path, a road less taken.

El Sereno, CA

All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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