Hypocrisy does not discriminate.

It does not bow down to a sinner nor look up to a saint.
Hypocrisy is mockery in a mirror we deny;
where our demands of others do not match
the demands of ourselves.

At times we fail to see
between our words and actions
and forgive ourselves while
judging others.

‘Fall in love with yourself’
is the diluted translation
of the rich ’Enamorate de ti’.
Those words are as permanent
and prominent
as the specs on my cheeks.
However, loving yourself isn’t.
It is a never ending,
everyday endeavor to be aware
of all the ways in which we speak to ourselves.

My hypocrisy lies here –
in between each syllable,
riding streams of blood
captive inside of me.
I confess
that my thoughts have not been the kindest;
my words, veiled in pessimism.
It’s been a battle
between my mantra and my reality.

This ink,
this scramble of words
into my skin
during a time I had
my self-worth
serves as a forever reminder that it is me
and me alone
who dictates the intangible self.
There is no happy ending here,
or even an ending,
an aim to evolve,
an acceptance to regression and
an avoidance of the

All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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