One could never really tell if I could be seen through the blue tinted glass but it creeped me out nonetheless. It was one of those days that begged for colossal laziness, you know, the one’s where warmth finds comfort in between thighs and your hair is perfectly out of place with a lingering layer of ‘makeup by amature’ from earlier in the day. That’s always been a secret struggle of mine and truthfully gets harder each time someone tries to influence my beauty routine. There’s a humble appreciation for the genes on my face and I can’t ever tell if most of the world would prefer them suffocating under the masses. But what’s it like to truly suffocate when we breathe stimulation? How can stimulation impact our senses when distraction has already seized control? It is here where such days can take a turn for the unknown, where there is more pondering than posing. That’s the thing about questions like these; they either toss you back into much needed laziness or they throw you in the fire and make you think.

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