Beauty in a Rose

A blog dedicated to beauty in life, fun, and adventure, I felt an obligation to include a personal triumph of mine. {6-11-2016}

To receive a congratulatory text saying that I was always the smartest in our group of friends made me think of what it meant to be smart. There is matter-of-fact smart where 2+2=4, and there is a type of smart that carry’s imagination. When asked what my next step in life is, I tend to shrug, smile, and say “I’m not sure”. In reality, I have a life imagined for myself that is simple, beautiful, and filled with love. Time and time again, I have been told that I am unrealistic and that my views of simple beauties, such as that of a rose, will change. Maybe they’re right, but I will always strive for optimism. Tragedy and loss are inevitable, something that can only be dealt with in that moment. With that being said, my imagined life holds cheese, crackers, grapes, and wine with friends & family by my side. It includes music, dancing, laughing, lounging, loving, and making love. As for what will sustain me & buy me that cheese and wine; I hope a career in which creativity can flourish while being an advocate for talent not yet discovered. A visionary and curator in things I feel passion for.

  • Descanso Gardens



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