Love in Light

‘Your destination is on the left’.

Trying not to crash into on coming traffic and bravely parked cars, I searched for my destination. Looking straight ahead, to my right, and to my left, I saw nothing. Little did I know that as soon as I looked up, I would be in complete awe, realizing that I was exactly where I wanted to be. My photographer and I surrounded the place, attempting to divert neighbors attention from two young adults possibly committing a crime – breaking and entering. Picture here, picture there, and a surprise sound of footsteps quickly approaching from up above. Being the weirdo and at times forward person that I am, I asked “Are you thee Randy?!”. My question and my photographers curiosity was our ticket in to a space illuminating with creativity, love, and an immense presence of endless passion. After the initial introductions, we were given what felt like a VIP tour to an array of shapes and colors mantled together, creating a vision of love in light. The more we stared, the more we uncovered. The reflection of Echo Park’s natural backdrop was mirrored in each glass bottle, upside down. La Virgen herself, embedded in the display, elevated, bold and beautiful, with wings large enough to caress the sky. I asked Randy questions regarding the reason for this particular display, how he came up with the bottle concept, as well as what keeps him motivated.

Most creatives are aware that sometimes, if not all, your art picks you. Randy didn’t seek to create art with the bottles resting alongside his window. The idea presented itself through an earthly delight; the sunset, in a time when frustration and discouragement of his previous work was at its peak. His father, up above, alongside fans like myself and my photographer, keep Randy afloat. Admirers of his work bring him joy, finally achieving what every artist can only hope for; to have an impact on the world with something never before seen.

Aside from the obvious beauty that is RandyLandthe man himself is equally as beautiful. Although our interaction was brief, I felt he exuded a raw, genuine self that is disappointingly rare in the world. He wasn’t trying to sell anything, he wasn’t bragging about his amazing art installations, he simply just was. From the moment he opened his home to the moment of goodbye’s, I could see the reflection of truth in his eyes, passion in his words, urgency in his movement and magic in his hands. His art speaks for itself, painting the artist for what he is – a bright colored bottle of fresh air, faced in the direction of the light that sets his soul on fire.

-Echo Park – RandyLand


All content is a L.A. CORONA original unless otherwise posted.

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