Sway With Me

I have allowed myself to develop an unspoken obsession of a culture thirsty for more. An unaffected buildup of hatred for those holding the power of infectious influence has reached the smallest spaces in my mind. My thoughts taste of disgust, and want nothing more than to wash away the bitterness that has stacked itself to its tipping point.

We are gently, and brilliantly deceived in to believing that we control what influences us. I did something recently that revealed truth within the deception. Large brands, individuals that promote fast fashion as well as questionable beauty products, and celebrities who drip wealth and show it on the daily were removed from my social media. The focus remained on to holding on to small business accounts, individuals who promote intellect & a sustainable way of living, and celebrities who do good in the world. We should strive to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good, people who influence us to do better instead of those who influence rapid, and constant consumption. There are fine lines to most things: a fitness trainer who inspires physical health, and an individual who leaves little to the imagination leading to benign insecurities; a makeup guru who tends to use most of the same products, while another is steadily promoting new items; a celebrity who thoughtlessly parades their wealth to the world, and a celebrity who brings awareness to things of actual importance. The power to influence is an intangible possession that has been used irresponsibly. We have carelessly been exposing ourselves to an endless scroll of marketing that has undoubtedly contaminated our way of thinking. Perhaps an attempt in changing the energy we have power over, is the first step towards living a life with a pulse instead of a brand name purse. Creating a space that inspires and nourishes our growth as people seems far better than our current reality of allowing influence in to the wrong hands. Thank you at @ereditacreativehouse for inspiring me to surround myself with something better. An influencer that strengthens our sanity instead of strengthening our appetite for consumption is worth keeping.


  • Temecula, CA

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